unior High Football Coach

2022-2023 School Year

Deadline:  Open until filled


Job Objective:

To motivate and develop in each participant skills, attitudes, and habits that will guide them toward success, personal growth, and good character.  To provide examples of fair play, team building, and respect.  Provide leadership and motivation to excel.


Minimum Requirements:


1.      Idaho Teaching Certification, American Sport Education Program Certification, or National Federation of Interscholastic Coaches Association Certification (Preferred)

2.      Certification in first aid and CPR

3.      Demonstrated knowledge of football, sports training, conditioning, injury prevention, kinesiology, management, and the rules of the Idaho High School Activities Association Handbook

4.      Related experience as determined by the head coach and/or the Board

5.      Ability to foster and sustain students' interest in the sport and promote skill development

6.      Possess good organizational skills

7.      Strong interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability to work well with students, parents, and colleagues

8.      Maintain confidentiality of staff and students


Essential Functions:

  1. Supervise assigned teams and players, overseeing an assigned area of focus such as offense, defense, goalie, or transition game
  2. Attend all tryouts, practice meetings, and in-school events, and help supervise students during related field trips and other out-of-school functions
  3. Help organize practice schedules and game rosters
  4. Assist the Head Coach in assigning positions to players, and develop strategies and styles of play
  5. Attend out-of-school meetings, supervise fundraisers, and help students prepare for competitions
  6. Coach individual participants of varying abilities in the skills necessary for achievement in the sport involved
  7. Help track student performance throughout the season and develop stat sheets on players
  8. Ensure the safety of the students and maintain responsibility for the security of equipment and facilities  
  9. Ensure that safety equipment is used correctly
  10. Return application to:

    Dalonna Hurd

    406 N. Park

    Dietrich, ID 83324



    Comply with federal and state law, administrative rules, and Board policy pertaining to medical procedures and student athletes, including the district’s concussion policy


District coaching schedule